Chevrolet Malibu headlights assembly.

Chevrolet Malibu headlights

Earlier this car was the luxurious version of Chevrolet Chevelle, but became a separate model in 1978. Originally it had a rear-wheel drive, but in 1997 when General Motors revived Malibu, the car received front-wheel drive. Traditionally, Malibu was sold in North America, but the new Malibu model that was introduced in 2012, is sold in the most global markets.

In 1978, Chevelle, which was in those days, a bestseller, was officially renamed Malibu. This was Chevrolet's second downsized nameplate, following Chevrolet Caprice 1977.

The new, more efficient platform was shorter and dropped from 230 to 450 kg in comparison to the previous versions, but with a larger trunk, legroom and space for the head. There were offered only two set — Malibu and Malibu Classic. The Malibu Classic Landau series had a two-tone body color and vinyl top with Chevrolet Malibu headlights. The car was produced in sedan, wagon and coupe.