Chevy Malibu headlights assembly: Projector, Halo, LED, OEM, HID, XENON head lights for Chevrolet.

Chevy Malibu headlights

Earlier this car was the luxurious version of Chevrolet Chevelle, but became a separate model in 1978. Originally it had a rear-wheel drive, but in 1997 when General Motors revived Malibu, the car received front-wheel drive. Traditionally, Malibu was sold in North America, but the new Malibu model that was introduced in 2012, is sold in the most global markets.

In 1978, Chevelle, which was in those days, a bestseller, was officially renamed Malibu. This was Chevrolet's second downsized nameplate, following Chevy Caprice 1977.

The new, more efficient platform was shorter and dropped from 230 to 450 kg in comparison to the previous versions, but with a larger trunk, legroom and space for the head. There were offered only two set — Malibu and Malibu Classic. The Malibu Classic Landau series had a two-tone body color and vinyl top with Chevy Malibu headlights. The car was produced in sedan, wagon and coupe.

Chevy Malibu LED headlights, Halo LED Projector Chrome 1997-2003.

Chevy Malibu LED headlights

The exterior of Chevy Malibu – is a collective image of all design schools within GM brands. But this does not hinter a large "bird" Malibu to be nice and proportional. And despite its considerable dimensions, the silhouette of the sedan lacks the characteristic of American monumentality and pathos. The slanted contours of the HID headlights dilute the inherent to Chevrolet "bull-headed" features, in which the characteristics of related insignia discern. The same smoothness of lines is in the plastic "puffy fat" sides of the body, under which the relief of fit "muscles" appear only near the stern. At the view in three quarters, you can catch the features of American "muscle car" in the back of Chevy Malibu. But overall – the averaged neutral design without a marked national color that does not cause violent emotions. Perhaps, this should be a car of the world.

Chevy Malibu HID headlights, Xenon Lamps OEM HID Angle Halo 2012-2015.

Chevy Malibu HID headlights

But the exterior features significantly reduce the size of the American sedan. The external dimensions of Chevrolet Malibu are superior to such class as Toyota Camry, Nissan Teana and Skoda Superb. But, unfortunately, it did not affect the space inside the machine. Especially it is true for the back sofa. No, the place is enough even for a person of above the average height, but the comfortable landing with the extended legs is impossible. In the cars of the competitors you can even put deck chairs to lie out. There are also no armrests for rear passengers, no heating of the couch, or adjusting of the climate control. Even simple air vents are not available. Rugged with recesses 545-liter trunk of the Chevrolet Malibu concede only to the glove compartment of Skoda Superb in size. And the cover of cargo compartment opens with the electric drive smoothness.

The disadvantages– are the lack of a hatch for long-length and the lack of full-size "spare". The whole architecture of the rounded front part of the interior is made by the global stencil – a step in the direction. Center console –is a cascading complex of screen navigation radio and dual-zone climate control. The engine starts with the button on the right from the steering, LED headlights control- with a "puck" on the left. It seems that you can sit with a blindfold in any car of any brand, the globalization in all its glory. The only "trick" — is hinged display, which hide the cache.